Electric PRO insert - 80 cm

Electric PRO insert - 80 cm

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Electric PRO insert - 80cm - Electric fireplace for installation

The electric PRO insert for installation fits perfectly in any home or any profession. This model with realistic flame effect has 3 flame colors: wood-orange, gas-blue, and ethanol-orange / blue and 4 brightness settings. The electric fireplace uses energy-saving LED technology and works both with or without heating effect. The heating power of the fireplace goes from 750W to 1500W and the heating function can be regulated from 10 to 30 degrees. In addition, the fireplace can be controlled with Remote Control and has a timer function that can set the burning time throughout the week. Now just enjoy the flame effect of the fireplace in the fireplace and the impressive flame colors.

The PRO insert is available in black which stands in perfect contrast to the orange flames. It is produced in the dimensions H: 80cm x W: 77cm x D: 14cm and weighs 15-30 kg.

LED pro features:
  • Requires standard 230V socket
  • Woodburning stove flame effect
  • Electric fireplace for installation
  • Built-in overheating sensor
  • Energy-saving LED technology
  • Power consumption only 30W
  • 3 flame effects
  • 4 brightness settings
  • Works with or without heat
  • Low / high heating 750W / 1500W
This electric fireplace is assembled on delivery. It is easy to install and does not require authorized professionals, as it can be installed by private individuals.