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Evonic Fires E900 electric fireplace for installation

An absolute top-class electric fireplace that can help you get a step closer to creating your dream life. The E900 or E900GF, as the model is called with glass front, has an extremely elegant appearance. It can fit into more or less any home decoration because it is so stylish. If you want to build it into the wall of an old charming house, you can still create the classic fireplace atmosphere with the surrounding romantic furniture. In newer minimalist interiors, the electric fireplace will blend in with its Scandinavian shape. 

As it blends into the wall of bricks, it will naturally fit into the room. The elegant style should not be underestimated. You can immediately feel the fireplace atmosphere and create a cozy atmosphere in your home. You do not have to stress over the cleaning, because it oozes or smokes in no way as, for example, a wood stove will do. Thus, there will also be no odor associated with it.

A free app is included, which can be used to control the fireplace on your tablet or smartphone. Who would not want it working on several devices on the family's mobile phones rather than arguing about who has got the remote control? We live in 2020, and therefore technology must also be hereafter.

Imagine coming home from a hard day at work where things have not worked out and autumn or winter are pressing on. It's cold all over the home, and you really just want to warm up and experience a little joy and coziness. Wouldn't it be delicious to make a good coffee on the Nespresso machine and enjoy it in front of the realistic flames? Bring life and joy to your home with this electric fireplace that has all the new features of electric fireplaces.