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Evonic Fires E710 square electric fireplace

A square electric fireplace equipped with a professional flame effect. This combination is very rare, but here you have the opportunity to acquire a square electric fireplace. Evonic Fires are particularly famous for creating a more campfire feeling on the inside of the electric fireplaces rather than a linear line, which is very often a characteristic of fireplaces.

The glass measures approx. 60 cm in height and 70 cm in length, which is often considered to be the perfect prepositions in many homes. What can often be the challenge with this type of dimension is that the fireplace does not reach high enough in the fireplace. It is particularly characteristic in bio fireplaces and to some extent also gas fireplaces, where the fire can be seen at the bottom of the fireplace.

Evonic Fires manages with their fantastic Evoflame technology to create a very authentic flame with high fire. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. How easy it is to operate the luxurious electric fireplaces from Evonic Fires.

You can thus avoid all cleaning and maintenance of the fireplace. In addition, the indoor climate maintains its high healthy level, and the environment is not burdened by harmful particles. Conversely, you do not get the same high heat output, but instead a heat equivalent to an electric radiator. If you want it to be easy and environmentally friendly, then this electric fireplace is probably the go-to choice for your home.