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E700 narrow built-in electric fireplace

A smart fancy electric fireplace, which can be built into a narrow wall, where there was no room for a fireplace before. With a depth of just 20 cm, you can install this high-tech electric fireplace. It no longer measures in-depth, which is relatively unusual for the more advanced electric fireplaces.

The effect differs in this fireplace from cheaper alternatives. It is equipped with Evonic Fires patented Evoflame, which is a recognized burning technology because it produces realistic flames. With this electric fireplace, you get a flame effect that almost resembles a real fireplace - without blue and cold flame colors.

The front of the Evonic Fires E700 measures 28.5 x 64 cm, and due to the narrow depth, the fireplace is only available with one type of decoration. It is the so-called mini firewood that is specially developed for this type of fireplace because there is no room for the traditional larger firewood pieces. This is a great advantage because there is usually no room for decorative firewood. Therefore, one long firewood-like piece of plastic is often seen in cheaper electric fireplaces. However, this is not the case in the E700, where Evonic Fires has managed to produce a range of authentic ceramic firewood.

Completely free, you get the Evonic Fires app, from which you can control the fireplace's functions. You can thus turn on and off your new dream fireplace from the sofa completely without moving, and the same naturally applies when adjusting the flame and heating effect.

Create a cozy atmosphere in your home with an Evonic Fires E700, and forget about cleaning fireplaces!