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High elongated professional electric fireplace

The "inverted" dimensions are comparable to the vast majority of electric fireplaces. We often see electric fireplaces installed under large TVs - either free-hanging or integrated as part of a piece of furniture. This is not the case for this tall electric fireplace. Conversely, it is made for narrow walls that usually do not have space for a fireplace.

Imagine utilizing the wall in the home where it was difficult to hang anything due to the small dimensions. You can do it now because this fireplace only measures 46 cm in length. Evonic E640 has a height of 66.5 cm in the glass, so the glass is taller than it is long.

Despite the same dimensions, Evonic Fires has nevertheless managed to decorate the fireplace with some well-liked ceramic firewood, which makes you feel like a real fireplace. Of course, without unpleasant odor nuisances, but with the desired coziness effect.

Evonic Fires E640 is equipped with its realistic Evoflame technology, which gives a very authentic flame effect. It is a traditional-looking orange flame without all sorts of color effects. This fireplace is for you who want something close to the most genuine fireplace look in electric built-in fireplaces.