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Evonic Fires E600 electrically built-in fireplace

Elegant and extraordinary electric fireplace for installation in a fine standard size that fits into many homes. The Evonic Fires E600 measures 45.5 x 63.7cm in the glass and does not require all the extra space for the frame. With a depth of just 18 cm, you can build the fireplace into virtually any kind of wall.

Evonic Fires E600 comes with the manufacturer's recognized Evoflame technology, which is known for its authentic orange flame. Forget about all the different colors like blue, red, and yellow effects. This fireplace is for the serious and true stove lovers who weigh a realistic flame over the colorful effects. The brightness can be turned up and down, but the color will always be the authentic orange. This means that the seriousness is maintained in the fireplace, and it can be easier to maintain the fireplace atmosphere in the home.

The fireplace comes with decorative artificial firewood to create an effect of realism and an authentic fireplace atmosphere. From a distance, the Evonic E600 looks like an ordinary fireplace with a nice living flame. The frame is available both with or without glass on the front, so there can be a direct opening into the fireplace. Alternatively, the flame can be separated from the viewer with a front glass, which can reassure some parents despite the fact that there is no fire hazard with electric fireplaces.

Imagine utilizing a narrow wall at home in the living room with this marvel of a fireplace. It is a luxury fireplace with a high-tech realistic flame in a suitable size of 63.7 cm.