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Evonic Fires E1800 long electric fireplace for installation

A long and elegant electric fireplace for installation in the wall. The fireplace can either be viewed from the front, with an opening towards the front and one side or the front and both sides. The glass measures a full 1750 x 36 cm and is, therefore, one of the longest on the market when it comes to professional built-in fireplaces.

The E1800 is equipped with Evonic Fires Evoflame Ultra HD and can be controlled via a SmartPhone or tablet. There are two heat levels in the fireplace, so it can run on both high and low power.
Evonic Fires E1800 is multi-sided because it is available with three glass sides. It is not necessary to use all the glasses, so it can be used with different flame views:
  • 1-sided front fireplace
  • 2-sided corner fireplace with opening on the left
  • 2-sided corner fireplace with an opening to the right
  • 3-sided fireplace with glass on three sides
This electric fireplace is, therefore, very flexible in terms of installation. Precisely because it comes with these two conversion panels. All glass is made of Schott Conturen Magic glass, which is a high-tech anti-reflective glass.

It is also possible to choose the decoration according to your taste. You can choose between a birch wood or ordinary firewood imitation.