E1030ds3 Three-sided electric fireplace

E1030ds3 Three-sided electric fireplace

Evonic Fires

Item number: ELP-80-211

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Three-sided electric fireplace e1030ds3

If you love handling the hottest technology for modern interior design, then you should consider buying an electric fireplace. It requires nothing more than electricity and a bit of water to make an electric fireplace work with its impressive and very lifelike flames. You can even decide the size of the flames! With the included remote control, you have the complete control at your fingertips. You can also control the electric fireplace via an app on your mobile device or via the touch screen on the fireplace itself. The electric fireplace from Evonic Fires is a modern and energy-friendly source of coziness, and it will decorate any home. You do not have to think about the chimney or whether anyone is going to burn their fingers on the flames. The entire system is childproof, so you avoid unpleasant experiences. The fireplace from Evonic Fire weighs just 30 kilos, which is a bit smaller than the other fireplaces in this category. Thus, it is quite tangible when it needs to be installed and causes no problems.