E1030ds Double-sided electric tunnel fireplace

E1030ds Double-sided electric tunnel fireplace

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Item number: ELP-80-210

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Two-sided room divider electric fireplace - E1030DS

The dream fireplace to share between two rooms. An environmentally-friendly electric fireplace that does not emit too much heat into the room. Our new low-energy houses can not carry an overheating fireplace. Therefore, the electric and environmentally-friendly electric fireplace has become extremely popular. The continuous room divider has long been in demand as an electric built-in fireplace, and now the model has finally arrived. E1030ds is an electric fireplace that can be built between two rooms. It is available at an affordable price when compared to other fireplaces on the market.

In the field of electric fireplace technology, the fireplace must be said to be the top class. It is equipped with the exclusive Evoflame Ultra HD technology, which provides an unusually realistic flame. In addition, the E1030DS can via an app, which meets expectations for the technology in 2020. It should be light and it should be smart.

The heating module is located on both sides of the fireplace so that it can provide heat in two rooms at once.
The E1030DS is also available in a model where the fireplace is open on three sides so that it goes out into the room. Similarly, it is available with four glass sides, where it is desired to build a wall in the middle of the room.

It is possible to decorate the E1030ds with either ordinary artificial firewood or birch wood.