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Evonic Fires E1030 built-in fireplace

E1030 is a well-known fireplace in the Evonic Fire e-series. It is a suitable size of approx. one meter, and is a bestseller at the vast majority of fireplace dealers. E1030 is perfect for private home, where the fireplace should not be too dominant, but still eye-catching.

The electric fireplace is equipped with an Evoflame Ultra HD flame, which creates something close to the most realistic flame in electric fireplaces. A realistic flame makes the fireplace experience much more authentic. Therefore you can create a natural fireplace coziness within the space.

The fireplace is equipped with two heat levels: A high and a low level. These are indicated by 1500 and 750W respectively, which can be compared to an electric radiator.

Evonic Fires E1030 can be used both as a front fireplace, but it is also possible to install it with open glass to one or both sides. Therefore, the fireplace comes as standard in:

  • Front fireplace
  • Two-sided corner fireplace
  • Three-sided wall fireplace
Two types of decorative wood can be used in the fireplace. The classic firewood-like wood or birch wood.

E1030 is also available as a continuous tunnel electric fireplace.