Cassette 500 opti-myst fireplace

Cassette 500 opti-myst fireplace

Dimplex Opti-myst®

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Cassette 500 hybrid fireplace for tank – built-in module 

With this Cassette 500 model, the company Dimplex has really created something unique! As is the case with many other built-in modules, you receive both a smoke as well as a flame effect. However, with this creation, Dimplex has added an extra layer. It is really well thought out and it helps to make the overall experience even more realistic. The included remote enables the controlling of flames, smoke, and sound. In addition, it is also possible  to control some of the functions with the buttons located on the device itself.

The Cassette 500 module is created for the installation, especially in walls or via a hole in the table top. There are many options as you are not bound by a chimney as is customary with conventional fireplaces. It is also possible to connect several Cassette 500 units with each other. This way, you get your desired width for your installation project. It is super easy to maintain a built-in module like this, as it only requires a little cleaning every now and then with a slightly damp cloth.

In this connection, it is important to emphasize not to use cleaning agents, as these can damage the fireplace insert.



  • Realistic Opti-Myst flame- and smoke effect
  • Built-in sound effect
  • Incl. remote control
  • Full control over the strength of the flames