Cassette 400 opti-myst fireplace

Cassette 400 opti-myst fireplace

Dimplex Opti-myst®

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Cassette 400 hybrid fireplace built-in module with firewood 

The company Dimplex, which produced this marvelous fireplace, did not exaggerate when they proclaimed that this product provides the world's most realistic flames created by electricity. The fireplace insert can, for instance, be immersed in furniture or built into the wall with a nice see-through effect. Compared to other fireplace inserts, this one is of medium size. Additionally, to deliver the effect of glowing wood, the Opti-Myst technology also emits a form of artificial smoke. This just helps to emphasize the realistic experience this product can deliver. With the included remote control, full control can be achieved and the adjustment of the strength of the artificial fire and level of artificial smoke can be controlled. 

The Cassette 400 is designed in a cool colour, and on the front, you will find some additional control buttons that complement the included remote control. The fireplace insert is easy to maintain. It is enough to wipe the unit occasionally with a slightly damp cloth. Avoid using cleaning agents or various polishes.


•    Realistic flame and smoke effect
•    Suitable for many purposes
•    Incl. remote control
•    Halogen bulb included