Cassette 1000 opti-myst fireplace

Cassette 1000 opti-myst fireplace

Dimplex Opti-myst®

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Cassette 1000 hybrid fireplace tank – built-in module

If you miss a large and inviting built-in module, you will not go wrong with the Casette 1000 model from the famous quality brand Dimplex. All you need is one of the four elements, water, as well as an electric outlet. Then you are already ready to start. The Casette 1000 model is designed as a built-in module, so it can easily be mounted on for instance tabletops or other places with a recess. The highly realistic flames created by the Cassette 1000 model are the result of evaporating water being lit by LED bulbs. This guarantees that you create realistic flames that, even though they look like a real fire, are quite harmless. It is not possible to burn yourself or others with them. As one of the newest additions within this field, the Cassette 1000 model is also equipped with a sound module that contributes to the very realistic experience. 

As with all other Opti-myst fireplaces, it is not necessary to worry about having a chimney - not even in the slightest - because the Cassette 1000 model does not emit smoke.


•    Built-in audio module
•    Comes with remote control
•    LED-bulb included
•    Can be connected to a fixed water supply
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