Cadiz MDF opti-myst fireplace

Cadiz MDF opti-myst fireplace


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Cadiz MDF Mystic fireplace

The Cadiz MDF Mystic fireplace is confusingly similar to the other variant, simply called Cadiz MDF. The difference between the two models is hard to spot when you focus solely on the actual frame around the fireplace insert. The difference consists in the fireplace insert modules that can be chosen from when you order here from the website. With Cadiz MDF Mystic you can choose between Casette 600 or Albany inserts. These two variants vary a bit compared to the inserts you can get for the electric fireplace, simply called Cadiz MDF. Common to Cadiz MDF and Cadiz Mystic is the framework. So it is the fireplace inserts that vary, but in addition, the benefits are of course the same as you find when you look at our other models on this page:
  • No CO2 emissions
  • No maintenance (the unit only requires light cleaning from time to time)
  • No requirements for the chimney
  • Remote control
  • Electricity as a driving force