Boxx opti-myst fireplace - Black and valnødfarve

Boxx opti-myst fireplace - Black and valnødfarve

Dimplex Opti-myst®

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Boxx hybrid fireplace in black with walnut colour

The Boxx hybrid fireplace is another impressive creation from the company Dimplex. The design is at the forefront with this gorgeous model that gives you great flexibility when it comes to the place you choose for it in your home. The Boxx fireplace can both be used as a room divider, but also as a cozy piece of furniture that is very pleasant on the eye. Furthermore, the Boxx model is designed in a see-through format, which makes it transparent on two of the sides. This feature helps to embody an even more eye-catching fireplace. The design enables the view on the flames  from several different angles.   

The beautiful fireplace insert with the artificial firewood makes it difficult for even trained eyes to recognize the flames as artificial ones - powered by water and electricity. The water emits vapours that are illuminated by a halogen bulb, thereby creating a very lifelike flame effect. There are many benefits to being able to freely place the fireplace within your home, as no chimney is required because the Boxx Model does not emit smoke. With a height of 125 cm, the Boxx fireplace is one of the larger ones of its kind, and architecturally it is a true gem.


  • Remote control included
  • Halogen bulb included
  • Fireplace insert with authentic flame effect
  • Requires connection to socket
The Boxx model is also available in black and grey.