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Dealer of electric fireplaces

We offer commercial sales of our electric fireplaces. This applies to both resales to shops and fireplace centers, but also to construction companies. For example, have you been given the responsibility of installing a professional electric fireplace in a home? If so, you came to the right place. We advise both private people and businesses. We can supply everything in the field of electric fireplaces. Furthermore, we have a business department that consists of experts in project work. Therefore, you can be sure that we can offer you professional guidance for your exact project.

As a dealer at, you can, among other things, take advantage of discounts, special business campaigns, a permanent contact person, an easy and fast ordering module, customized tailor-made solutions as well as associated dimension drawings and guidance.

When you apply for a reseller login with us, a confirmation email will be sent automatically from our system. Subsequently, a business consultant will, within 1-2 days, handle your application and send a welcome email. The email will contain trading conditions, practical information, and a login to our website. If you are asked about something specific, we will, of course, also answer this.

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