Astro 1500

Astro 1500

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Astro 1500

Black wall-mounted or built-in electric fireplace with many functions. With this multi electric fireplace, you have the opportunity to change the color and intensity of the flame light in the fireplace, depending on the mood and mood. It has a nice look with the firewood in the foreground and the dark background. It will be a really nice element in any modern decor,ation. You will quickly be able to build a super cozy atmosphere around the fireplace.

It has glass on both sides so that you can see the flames from several sides, but it also comes with two black flaps that can be mounted on the sides if it fits better into the decor. All functions can be operated with the included remote control or on the large beautiful wall panel.

Astro is available in three additional sizes: Astro 850, Astro 1200, Astro 1800. The features are:
  • The fireplace is energy-saving as it uses LED light
  • Runs at 230W
  • Adjustable 3D flame effect
  • Adjustable color effect
  • Easy installation
  • Heating power 0 - 1.5kW - 3kW