Ambiance See-through Opti-myst Fireplace

Ambiance See-through Opti-myst Fireplace


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Ambiance See Through Mystic

The Ambiance See Through model is reminiscent of many other products from the Dutch brand Xaralyn. This is because it is optional whether you want to use a bioethanol insert or prefer the Cassette 600 solution, which combines water vapor with LED light. The Ambiance See Through the dimensions fitting as a room divider, and the cool thing in that context is, that you can look through the beautiful fireplace and see what is hidden on the other side. The combination of water vapor and LED light creates flames that are very lifelike and quite fascinating to look at.
If you are more into "the real deal", you can instead buy the Ambiance model with a bioethanol incinerator, so there is no doubt about the authenticity of the flames! The flames are real, but fortunately burning bioethanol emits nothing but a little CO2 as well as a little moisture and heat.

Important info:
  • Dimensions: 1950 x 1100 x 350 (mm)
  • Weight: 115 kg.
  • Can be used with bioethanol
  • Color: RAL 9010
A solution like Ambiance See Through does not require much maintenance. Often it is enough just to wipe the unit off with a damp cloth and afterwards wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Impress your guests and friends with this cozy diffuser that is sure to attract attention!

Technical data


H: 195 x W: 110 x D: 35 cm



Glass Size


115 kg



Heat Output

No heat



Flame Technology

Opti-myst® flame


Remote Control | Control Panel


200 W


Adjustable flame

Power Supply

230 V

Burn Time

Cassette 600: 6-7 hours


Cassette 600


pdfTech card



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